African Digital Art

African Digital Art is an online collective, a creative space, where digital artist, enthusiasts and professionals can seek inspiration, showcase their artistry and connect with emerging artists.



African Digital Art welcomes submissions in the realm of digital and visual art, (photography, video, film, installation, design, animation etc) and anything else involving a strong digital visual aspect.

Submissions can be sent to submissions@africandigitalart.com. Please include a brief description and attach a few relevant images ( at least 700px wide or larger) and/or link directly to the artwork or project (preferred).

Galleries and event organizers:

Thanks for keeping us posted about exiting exhibitions and happenings. Send us an email to events@africandigitalart.com. We are heavily visual so please attach relevent supporting imagery from the show or the artists.

Press & General Inquiries

For press and other inquiries you can contact Jepchumba at jepchumba@africandigitalart.com. I assure you I read every email sent to me, though due to the volume of email I receive I’m unable to respond to all of them.

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