Hi Friend,

It is Africa 2020! and we are eager to continue to break new ground for the African creative technology community by pushing past our digital boundaries.

This year my intention for African Digital Art is to continue and build on our great relationships. So this is why I am getting in touch with YOU! with some suggestions on how we could strengthen our relationship/partnership/collaboration this year!

How can we work together in 2020?

Patronize Us.

We are Africa’s largest online gallery and hosting is expensive. Why not keep us running?

Host Us.

We would like to host live performances/workshops/interventions on the ground in African countries.


We have a large database of African artists that may be looking for someone like you.

Hire us.

As consultants we have a breadth of experience in regards to curating/producing/exhibiting and directing  projects in Africa.

Write for Us.

We are always looking for great contributors who are passionate about technology and Art. We want to showcase more voices like yours

Equip Us.

We want to host and produce technical groundbreaking projects, workshops and labs but equipment is expensive! 

Why would you want to work with us?

We are proud to be an international award winning online art gallery for over a decade. That is 11 years working in an industry that didn’t exit. We have thousands of projects, artists and technologists who have contributed to visual and creative cultures around the world. 

  • International Award Winning
  • Africa’s Biggest Online Gallery
  • Thousands of digital artists and projects