Black and White Unite Book

Black and White Unite Book

The “Black and White Unite” Book a new illustrative project by Black Koki

New Cape town publishing company ” C O O L D E $ U C K ” launched their first 2, limited edition “art print books” with a noted book-launch in Hamburg earlier this year. The event correlated with an exhibition of various artworks and installation, by the featured South African fine and street artists BLACK KOKI and 35 TEN 73.

Working with artists across the creative spectrum from contemporary painting, illustration, fashion design, literature, music and photography to themed projects, it is versatile publication at its best.
Artists who are considered will have a deviating edge, breaking diverse boundaries with personal insight and visual brilliance.

“C O O L D E $ U C K” oversees the creative process but allows complete creative freedom to ensure that the approached creator, produce their concepts in the small, yet important, permanent print book format. The objective is to create quality, limited edition products for people who care about these perpetual items.

Their South African launch will be held on the 21st of November at “The Garage” (Cape Town), coinciding with LOVE AND HATE STUDIO’s event opening.

New books are in the production process by various *artists. (* yet to be made public) Limited stock will be available at the opening of the launch event.

for more info, sales or updates please mail : , ,

black koki _ “black and white unite”
26 pages
signed and numbered
edition of 100

35 ten 73 – “duplicate book”
R 50
10 page foldout
signed and numbered
edition of 100

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  1. karo akpokiere

    October 26, 2010 at 3:21 am

    Rad!. Thank you for sharing.

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