Delicate Shades of Africa

Delicate Shades of Africa

VLISCO Delicate Shades was a recent ad campaign for fashion house Vlisco in collaboration with fashion illustrator Sabine Pieper. The campaign feature motion graphics, illustration and colorful African textures and textiles. Enjoy!

Vlisco has been designing and producing colorful fashion fabrics that form an essential part of the lively West and Central African culture since 1846. In keeping with this, a new collection is launched every quarter. We’ve been asked to create the TV commercial for their latest fashion campaign called Delicate Shades: Illustrating Colours.

In the new Vlisco Delicate Shades fabric collection, design plays a starring role, even more so than usual. Vlisco has reviewed its own craftsmanship, rediscovering its uniqueness and creativity, and experiencing its drawing technique in a completely different light. This technique makes it possible to create two designs in one, uncovering a double layer with a subtle transparency effect. A number of designs take on a different appearance when viewed from the left or right, resulting in infinite ways to wear it. A range of bold blue shades and earthy tones are highlighted by bright accents of yellow and pink.


Client: Vlisco (
Commissioned by: Production Story
Agency: PlusOne (
Direction: Martijn Hogenkamp
Production: Marcel Vrieswijk
Illustrations: Sabine Pieper
Motion Design: Hein Lagerweij, Martijn Hogenkamp
3D Simulations: Noam Briner
Music:Otto van den Toorn
Client: Daphne Story, Anneke Krull

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