Stocktown visits Nairobi

Stocktown visits Nairobi

It’s been an awesome chance for us this year to meet some of our beloved online friends from Stocktown the online culture video site. Directors, Teddy Goitom and Benjamin Taft spent their time in Nairobi & Mombasa following musicians, a boxer  and interviewing places and people of interest. Following their time in Nairobi, they shot this video featuring neo soul artist Anto and the paragasha band joined forces. Over 100 dancers met up to be in the video Querwty Love for Anto & the paragasha band. With its spontaneity in dance, they planned out  flashmob dance video in the heart of Nairobi. Benjamin managed to edit this video on his last day in Nairobi, and pulls off an amazing job.

Anto & the Paragasha Band – Qwerty Love

Teddy Goitom and Benjamin Taft of Stocktown (Photography by Barbara Muriungi – The M2K)


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