Fantasy Milky Way Land for Clover by Shy The Sun

Fantasy Milky Way Land for Clover by Shy The Sun

Shy the Sun are outstanding at their work and this is another commercial that shows their brilliance at best. Made a few months back , this commercial with a whimsical magic land comes to life, showing the production of love for dairy products: milk, butter and cheese with the most amazing characters all aiding to the process in this dreamy fantasy factory. Told best by grandpa to his grand son, this magic land will sure make you slightly thirsty for some Clover milk. Coca-Cola may have their happiness factory but as we all know soda has zero health benefits – milk has plenty…. this is a magic land kids of all ages will enjoy.

Directed by Jannes Hendrikz, new characters designed by Ree Treweek, amazing environmental design work by Linsey Levendall, modeling and animation by Stanley Segal, with  Ed Babb making matte paintings and concept art and produced by Nina Pfeiffer and assistant producer  Andre Sales.

Post Production & Animation from Black Ginger.  (Full production Credits below)

Character Designs

Environment Design

Screen Shots

Client – Clover
Brand Manager – Sherian King

Agency – Joe Public
Executive Creative Director – Pepe Marais
Art Director – Freda Raubenheimer
Copy Writer – Jeanine Vermaak
Business Unit Director – Peter Biven
Account Manager – Danielle Kruger
Tv Producer – Bronwyn James

Production Company -Shy The Sun
Animation Director: Jannes Hendrikz
Character Designs and Concept Development: Ree Treweek
Character and Environment Development: Linsey Levendall
Modelling and Animation: Stanley Segal
Producer: Nina Pfeiffer
Assistant Producer: Andre Sales

Post-Production and Animation – BlackGinger
VFX Supervisor – Hilton Treves
Animation Supervisor – Darrin Hofmeyr
Lead Nuke Compositor – Marco Raposo de Barbosa
Lighting & Rendering – Jason Slabber & William Harley
Post Producer – Tracy-lee Portnoi

Production House (Live Action Top&Tail) – CAB Films
Director – Bruce Paynter

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