Motion Titles: Business of the Arts South Africa

Motion Titles: Business of the Arts South Africa

Another gem by Johannesburg motion studio, The Kinetic.

The Business of the Arts South Africa is a non-profit organization that seeks to partner big business with local artists. An annual awards ceremony gives recognition to companies that have made a substantial and sustainable contribution to the arts, previous winners of this coveted award include Cell C, Deloitte and Absa.

It is a worthy cause and one that has over the years ensured a thriving culture of corporately funded artistic expression, adding to the already substantial body of world renowned work produced by South African artists. When we were asked to create a series of video pieces for the award ceremony, we were very excited to add our name to the long list of companies that support and believe in local art.

Collaborator : Sound – Sol Rezza – The Existence of the Light 04 ( http://radio-arte.com/ )

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