Take a look at this creative project by one of our community members. Carl Houston Mcmillan‘s short film really begs the question Does Art really bring awareness and promote change? McMillan explains…

As a keen photographer my self I have always questioned my wondering eye, questioning what it perceives to be a “good snap”. I have come to appreciate images that have stories behind them, where the photographer has not just approached his subject for the sake of a “good picture”, but has taken the time to get to know his subject, to understand his subject’s situation.
The concept
“The Blind Photographer” tells the story of a young photographer who is only concerned with capturing images, with no regard or concern for the subject behind the lens. He does this with the mentality of “This is going to be a great photo” as he goes about capturing his theme of poverty.
He is a photographer who is unaware of his thoughtlessness, unaware that he is using the plight of another to aid the sale of his work. In a way the photographer is blind, he does not look deeper into his subjects and uses his lens as a mask.