Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Direct Mail campaign for The society for design etiquette by graphic design student Wanda Priem.

For this project we had to create a direct mail campaign to promote etiquette. I decided to promote design etiquette to graphic designers. As designers we know about all the bad design out there, thus I created a society that strives to create a culture that always produces good design – The Society of Design Etiquette or SDE. The best way to get good design is to convince people that it adds value and that it’s in their best interests to produce it. The more the market sees and understands the premium that comes from good design, the more it will become the norm. The society has four principles: Always be original, check your guidelines, communicate a clear message and obey the typography rules. They believe by mastering these principles, you will become part of the design industry, which endorses a good design culture. By making these principles part of you daily design, it will become the norm to deliver GREAT DESIGN. To establish two-way communication between the receiver and the society, the society’s has four friends, which you can adopt, to help you with these principles.

This campaign consists of 4 phases: Introducing the society to the target audience, reply from designer, reward the design for adopting a friend/principle and establishing persistent communication


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  1. Sara Yonas

    June 22, 2013 at 6:07 pm

    there’s a few typos in your posters 🙂

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