Doing Instagram Well

Doing Instagram Well

Not to be confused with ‘Getting many followers on Instagram.’

I have been on Instagram about 2 years now. Only actively for the past one year because I didn’t have a good camera phone to Instagram with (yes, I’m one of those who believe in having majority of my Instagram photos uploaded with the device that shot them). I have realized though that there are Instagram feeds/galleries that I really enjoy to follow and I thought I’d share my thoughts on shooting cool photos for Instagram so as to make your feed and photography better, not because I’m the one who knows it all, just sharing whatever little I know.

1. Aim to be a good story teller with your images. On Instagram you are an ambassador of where you live or where you’re from. Aim to tell that story. Don’t let outsiders tell your story for you. Be safe while dping also. I personally have made it a deliberate decision to show as much of the cool landscapes, architecture & cityscapes of Africa as I can. It’s my story.

Skywalking in Nairobi

2. Have a clear target while composing your images. There is such a thing as beating around the bush with photos too. A good photo tells a conclusive story. The better it is, the clearer the story. Choose to tell cool stories that are fun to hear.

Looking over Nairobi's Skyline

3. Don’t be boring. Ha. Don’t stone me here but seriously though. Who doesn’t want to be entertained?

4. Adapt. Many times we complain about the crop factor on Instagram but you can adapt. You can find an angle that tells the story effectively. It’s a skill that gets better with time.


5. Captions..!! Please let us know where that is that you took that photo. I’m a sucker for context. It wouldn’t hurt you.

6. Follow people with Instagram galleries that inspire you. Instagram has become how I connect with the world. Instead of just reading tweets, I see images that let me know what is going on. Like during hurricane Sandy. A lot of New York instagrammers were out bracing it and taking photos.

Kinale Forest

7. Finally, keep taking photos with your devices. The more you shoot, the better you become, seriously. My first images sucked, sucked!! Now, they suck less. Keep at it but be a super critic of yourself.

The Nairobi Railway

8. Follow me @truthslinger, I shall try make it worth your while. 🙂

Diani beach


Then again. It’s your Instagram. Don’t let me tell you how to run it.


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  1. Maestrofficial

    February 12, 2013 at 7:58 am

    @truthslinger You are the best man

  2. S_tage

    February 16, 2013 at 1:46 pm

    Been following your page for a while. Inspiring. And it did push me to make better images with my camera phone too. Be blessed. Greetings from Ghana

  3. Chuma

    February 16, 2013 at 8:25 pm

    Follow him on instagram as well. Well managed account.

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