Take a look at one of the creative projects by art director and designer Pierre-Christophe. The website was designed for Congolese musician Taali M.

“I started to hang out with Taali M and her team, following her in studio, in rehearsal before shows etc. The point for me was to familiarize myself with her philosophy. I discovered an artist passionate about art, history and culture, and with a strong sense of responsibility in regards to the message in her lyrics. What pleased me even further was to discover how receptive and daring she was.” – Pierre-Christophe

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I decided to create something unique and emotional, which will convey a sense of modernity, while reflecting on her African heritage. A place that will feel like home, where she will be able to share with her audience, her hopes, dreams and aspirations.” – Pierre-Christophe

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“I think that things are moving back toward a kind of expression more emotional and spontaneous than before. I guess the public now understands that everything can be made to look perfect, with the right computer software in hand. The issue with this computer generated absolute perfection is that it lacks in emotion and authenticity. My belief is that we will see more and more artists and designers returning to a more spontaneous and craft based approach. Life is perfect in its imperfection and I believe design is slowly moving in order to reflect the same vulnerability.” -Pierre Christophe


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  1. Méh

    September 2, 2013 at 12:07 pm

    …this is certainly a wonderfully designed website

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