Who is Dirty Paraffin?

Who is Dirty Paraffin?

A short documentary on South Africa’s up and coming music duo, Dirty Paraffin. Okmalumkoolkat and Dokta SpiZee’s lyrically witty and clever primer stove music is making waves on the local and international music scene. Some call their music electronic-kwaito, other call it rap, but they prefer to not to put their music in a box.

Found via 10and5


Photos by Paul Shiakallis



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  1. Prue

    August 15, 2013 at 1:45 pm

    this is so freaky, I saw this months ago… months and i filed it away somewhere in my brain.
    Then in the past week i heard OkMalume feature on a track from my favourite artist (OkMalume’s verse was brilliant) and i was like who is this guy?? and dirty paraffin came up again i now back here!

    which comes back to what OkMalume was saying, people are very unsure what they’re doing until you see them in context – i had to see him in a familiar space for me to say woah who is this guy?? who is dirty paraffin?? for me to pay attention.

    As for me, I’m on the dirty paraffin bandwagon now and i wish your revolution well!! 🙂

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