7 Animated Short Films by RECON-Digital & Kenyan Animation Apprentices

7 Animated Short Films by RECON-Digital & Kenyan Animation Apprentices

RECON-Digital a Nairobi-based animation studio has been on an interesting journey the past few years in the Kenyan animation space. The founder Gatumia Gatumia’s short film Domestic Disturbance racked up quite an online following not to mention his Greedy Lords of the Jungle short film premiered on a Kenyan television station to the nation back in 2009.

Since then he’s kept busy and won the 2012 Chase Bank Enablis ILO Business Launchpad competition – pitting him against brick and mortar businesses and a host of competitors, RECON Digital also closed investment and as part of their growth plan took on 6 apprentices for a 9 month apprenticeship that would culminate in the production of a body of work for the young animators. The outcome of that was the 7 short films below.

Africa’s Next Top Poet

The search for Africa’s Next Top Poet is on! Auditions are taking place and for those brave enough to face the panel of distinguished judges, semantic stardom could be just round the corner. It’s the chance of a lifetime! Come joins us as we seek to discover Africa’s Next Top Poet!

Desiderata poem by Max Ehrmann (1927)

Director: Gatumia Gatumia

Story: Kenneth Omollo & Gatumia Gatumia

Animation: Kenneth Omollo

Character Design: Keneth Omollo

“Shadow Boxing”

Any true athlete knows that training demands complete dedication and focus but Boxer, an upcoming contender for the super paper weight title is easily distracted. Nobody is more aware of this fact than his own shadow, and we all know, you can’t hide from your own shadow.

Director: Gatumia Gatumia

Story: Stephen Muchiri & Gatumia Gatumia

Animation: Stephen Muchiri

Character Design: Stephen Muchiri

“Driving Test”

In Kenya, where our driving tests are conducted by Police Officers, it’s not hard to imagine what a fearful event it can all be for candidates going to do their test. But for one youth about to do his test, in a bizarre turn of events, an unexpected guest examiner shows up and the driving test takes a very strange “course”.
Director: Gatumia Gatumia

Story: Gatumia Gatumia

Animation: Gatumia Gatumia

Character Design: Stephen Muchiri


“Miss Match”


In this much anticipated romantic comedy, Joe, the IT Intern faces the possibility that his office fantasy just might come true.

Director: Gatumia Gatumia

Story: Mercy Katela & Gatumia Gatumia

Animation: Mercy Katela

Character Design: Stephen Muchiri


Lunch Time Woes”


This unfortunately is a story about bullying. But during this fateful lunch time, when circumstance serves up a dose of justice to the class bully, one courageous wimp sees an opportunity for a better world; a world where we can all be friends.

Director: Gatumia Gatumia

Story: Richard Odwora & Gatumia Gatumia

Animation: Richard Odwora

Character Design: Stephen Muchiri

“Savannah Drama”

Captured on Video! A spectacle to rival the great wildebeest migration takes place on the plains of the Maasai Mara. This is one you won’t want to miss.

Director: Gatumia Gatumia

Story: Brian Mwithiga & Gatumia Gatumia

Animation: Brian Mwithiga

Character Design: Stephen Muchiri


“Two Old”

Alex and Gee, residents at the Never Say Die Retirement Home, are fierce rivals and when Alex disrespects Gee, they engage in a struggle of truly geriatric proportions. Their escapades may just shed some light into the question, “What do old people do when nobody’s watching?”

Director: Gatumia Gatumia

Story: Wallace Joseph & Gatumia Gatumia

Animation: Wallace Joseph

Character Design: Wallace Joseph

Credits on all shorts

Character Modelling and Rigging: Gatumia Gatumia

Post Production: RECON-Digital Limited

Executive Producers: Wanyara Gatumia, Joseph H. Kimura, Wanjohi Ndagu, Original Images Ltd.

Facilities: Sam Karanja

Accounts: Ngunzi & Associates

©2012 RECON-Digital Limited


What do you think of the animated films? Which was your favourite? Tell us below in the comments.

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