Redressing the Crown

Redressing the Crown

I hear that Joanne Piéf alternates between calling herself a Hair Sculptress, Braidologist and Hair Designer. I’m going to go with Sculptress, because there is no other term that describes what she has done in this Re-dressing the Crown series.

“We speak through our hair, consciously or unconsciously,” she explains.


redressing-the-crown-1 redressing-the-crown-3 redressing-the-crown-4


Joanne aims for this series to connect people and cultures, because braiding is not only about individuality, but also about communities and cultures. “Strand by strand, Pief weaves in her different philosophies, beliefs and ideologies creating sculptures that she hopes will help shift people’s perceptions of how the crown should be dressed.”


Check out more at Italia Vogue.








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