Exhibition: Witches in Exile by Ann-Christine Woehrl

Exhibition: Witches in Exile by Ann-Christine Woehrl

Since March 22nd and until May 4th, the gallery Pinter & Milch in Berlin is hosting the exhibition Witches in Exile, a series of portraits that the German photographer Ann- Christne Woehrl had started in Gambaga, Ghana in 2009 and only completed in January 2013 in Gushiegu, Ghana.


„Watch out she is a witch!“ is an accusation that means a hard lot for the lives of thousands of women in Africa, often it is a death sentence. This very day there are still cruel witch hunts in Sub-Saharan Africa. Partly caused by the belief in witchcraft that remains strong in this region. But accusations of witchcraft are frequently also a consequence of poverty that makes certain women a burden for their family or creates jealousy and disputes. In order to get rid of them it is claimed that they had caused sickness, arguments and other problems. They are branded as witches and expelled-chased, tortured and many of them even murdered. Witches in Exile is based on the photographer ́s intention to give the women back their individual identity, dignity and pride.


This  subject is also the topic of the film Witches of Gambaga by Yaba Badoe which was introduced at Afrikamera 2012.

Below a few pictures of the exhibition:



Auguststraße 49,
10119 Berlin, Germany

Opening hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 2-6 pm and by appointment


About Ann-Christine Woehrl:

Born in 1975, she grew in Germany and France. Sshe studied photography in Paris and worked as an assistant to David C. Turnley, as a lab assistant to Reza and did an internship at Magnum Photos Paris. For the artist photography is a way to meet “other worlds and realities.” In addition to artistic expression, she wants her work to raise awareness for injustice and bring about change-even very little change. She lives and works in Munich.





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