The Refutation of “Good Hair”

The Refutation of “Good Hair”

Contributor: Muse Origins

Photographer, Nakeya Brown, knows just how to catch your eye with a simple image of just a single woman of color. But in these series of images in The Refutation of “Good Hair”, Nakeya gives us a simple but powerful message – that African hair is good…actually good enough to eat. Most of the images in the project feature a Black woman eating a handful of African hair. Nakeya’s words below reveal her inspiration for the project. It’s truly a pleasure to see her interpretation of beauty in such vivid images.

“Ideas take a long time to be born. They take a long time to gestate. They take a long time to come into the world.” I would put my inspiration behind this series in that context. The Refutation of “Good Hair” is based off of my experience dealing with the way hair defines beauty within the African-American populace. I specifically focus on the phrase “good hair” as it was a term I’d use and heard others use to describe “beautiful” and “desirable” hair when speaking about a woman of color. This series is my examination of that.”

Find out more about Nakeya and this project on her website here.





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