Badilisha Poetry X-Change, is the largest online archive of African poetry. The project brought an enormous archive of african poetry and literature via mobile.

Digital platforms powered through mobile technology inspired the organizers of the site to develop the world’s largest mobile archive of poetry and literature with over 400 African poets from 31 countries who share their work in over 14 different languages.

The digital platform is well designed where you can explore African poetry according to title, country, language, them and even emotion. The platform also allows you to submit your poetry to add to the archive.  It is easy to get lost in the words of some of the best African writers. We recommend you dip in the pool with Toni Stuart’s Top 10 list.

“We have a rich oral tradition and it’s important that we document what is happening in history poetry-wise…  Africa has a history of a lack of documentation and we really didn’t want this to happen to our poets.”

– Linda Kaoma
Web poet’s society: African poetry goes mobile

“I don’t think the importance of an archive like this can be overstated. It is the first ‘living archive’ focusing solely on poets from Africa and the diaspora.”

– Toni stuart
Web poet’s society: African poetry goes mobile

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