Kariba: A Graphic Novel inspired by Zimbabwean Mythology

Kariba: A Graphic Novel inspired by Zimbabwean Mythology

Set in Zimbabwe, Kariba is a new project currently on kickstarter created by Blue Forest Collective. The Cape Town based studio hopes to raise funds towards developing a feature film.The story is set in Zimbabwe of the 1950s, when the construction of the Kariba dam was said to be undermined repeatedly by the river God, Nyami-Nyami. Please check out their campaign after you enjoy their artwork.



Our story follows Siku and Amadeo, one the daughter of the river spirit Nyami Nyami, the other the son of the engineer in charge of the dams construction. Unaware of who her father is Siku must journey upriver to discover the answers to the mystery of her powers, and the strange events occurring in the river and its surrounding forests.

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  1. Michelle Exton

    March 11, 2016 at 6:54 am

    Where can.i get a hard copy I am in Harare looking for at least 10 copies

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