The illustrations of Terence ‘Tako’ Maluleke

The illustrations of Terence ‘Tako’ Maluleke

Terence ‘Tako’ Maluleke is an illustrator, animator and digital artist from South Africa. Featured on 10and5 during their Graphic Art Month, he discusses how his style developed and creative process. We wanted to feature some of his graphic illustrations for inspiration but encourage you to see his full interview here..

I absolutely love digital art, it allows you to do things that would be impossible in traditional work. Programs like Photoshop and Autodesk Sketchbook have a layering system that make drawing super convenient, not to mention the ‘undo’ button – I’d be nothing without (Crtl Z). Digital art is big part of my life. My mood is most determined by the last thing I drew, if my last drawing was good I will be happy for the rest of the day and if it was a bad drawing, well, then talk to me at you own risk.

maluleke1 maluleke5 maluleke6 maluleke7
maluleke10 maluleke11 maluleke13

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