Annexes: The Battle between Urban and Rural Morocco

Annexes: The Battle between Urban and Rural Morocco

Annexes is a photo-series by Moroccan photographer, Zakaria Wakrim. The series depicts an ever-growing urban world, which is literally annexing the rural world to it’s furious feasting. Wakrim used infrared photography to convey the changing landscape.

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This series, produced in Morocco, explores the way old boundaries existing between the rural world and an ever-growing urban world seem to fade away.
It seems like the urban world is annexing small parts of the rural areas without any sort of urban planning. There is no relationship of consent, but rather a certain violence in this accelerating process. Being Morocco, and having lived in Europe for a decade, I feel that this lack of planning is already starting to produce weird landscapes, in which we clearly see that each part is trying to survive on it’s own.

The technique employed is Infrared Photography. Since Moroccan are getting used to these stated landscapes, I wanted to put emphasis on certain scenes, using infrared strange chroma, to point at what’s happening.


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