KirzArt: Creating Digital Art to Inspire

KirzArt: Creating Digital Art to Inspire


Kirsty Latoya is a 24-year-old, artist from South London who specialises in digital illustration and traditional art in the form of drawing.

From a young age she identified art as her passion. She would always draw when armed with a piece of paper and a pencil. When her household got their first computer she’d draw for hours on Microsoft Paint. Later in life Kirsty neglected to study art because of pressure to study more ‘academic’ subjects. However whilst studying abroad in New York in 2012 she finally got the opportunity to take art classes. During this year long course she learnt how to paint and learnt the technicalities of art.

Kirsty taught herself digital art in December 2014 by watching YouTube videos and experimenting with drawing apps and programs.

After studying Web Design and Advanced Web Design as part of her degree at the University of Hertfordshire, her love for design grew.  With a keen eye for detail and a slight trait of perfectionism Kirsty likes to create bright, aesthetically pleasing designs. Her web design commissions will open in March 2016.

Now Kirsty is working hard to build her portfolio and gain more knowledge about her craft. She is currently taking on illustration commissions.

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