Timelapse portrait of Nairobi

Timelapse portrait of Nairobi

[dropcap size=big]X[/dropcap]ixo Collective, based in Kenya, shared a timelapse portrait and their inspiration for the short video that features Nairobi. This video is made up of more than 45,000 photos and countless hours in shooting and editing.

Nairobi is a beautiful city and I’ve always wanted to show it in a unique way. From the skylines at sunset,
constant movement of people and machinery to the breathtaking views you get while crawling above Nairobi rooftops. Three years ago I came across a few time lapse videos that I found really interesting. The combination of time lapse imagery and amazing cityscapes seemed surreal. At the time I was also a bit frustrated with still pictures, as I felt they didn’t do justice to the amazing vistas and skies I could witness while on rooftops.


Time lapse seemed the perfect medium. So I did some research, dived right in, and was blown away by the first results I got. I immediately loved how they revealed patterns and details that had been there the whole time.It was an exciting new outlook on daily life.


After that I kept shooting and refining the process.I met Peter Irungu(my co-founder) sometime last year. He also loved shooting timelapses.We exchanged ideas and decided to collaborate on documenting Nairobi in a way never done before. From there on we moved from rooftop to rooftop looking for breathtaking views.



Equipment and Software used:
Nikon d7000
Canon 700D
Sigma 10-20 F/3.5 Di VC
Canon 70-300 F/4.5
Adobe Premier Pro
Magic Lantern
LR Timelapse
Music: Bought from Audio Jungle


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