Interview with Visionary Manthe Ribane

Interview with Visionary Manthe Ribane

FullSizeRender-1Manthe Ribane is a creative, performer, and designer hailing from Soweto. She calls herself “a visionary artist exploring how the human force moves in spaces gravitating within their own purpose”.

“… 21st century I strongly believe that it’s my responsibility to create respectful art with my purpose to create a more respectful and powerful future generation”

You are a visionary artist exploring how the black body moves in and owns space: would you call yourself an African Afrofuturist?

I’m not afrofuturistic
I’m Manthe Ribane, I’m a queen  with a calling to inspire and create timeless work

In a quote appeared in Daniele Tamagni’s recent book Fashion Tribes, where you share the stage with other South African creatives, you state that it is “how to represent yourself out to the world that matters the most”. What goes into your representational strategy and how does it speak of identity-making in 21st century South Africa?

My Late Mom used to say
People will treat you the way you treat yourself . Those words are forever tattooed in my heart
How you present yourself has a longevity and timeless memory on others
21st century I strongly believe that it’s my responsibility to create respectful art with my purpose to create a more respectful and powerful future generation
We only have each other to grow , so we can’t afford to destroy the foundation.

 Your art is urban and cosmopolitan, I was impressed by a photoshoot you did in London when you were there for the Cointreau Creative Crew Awards. How do you scout for locations and how do they play into your vision?

My Late Dad use to say
Teams win games
We were chosen to be part of the Cointreau Creative Award Ceremony
Working with my siblings , meant everything to me
And we are representing our home country and the world
It was heavy pressure but I trust my team
We love to say to ourselves
If you fail to plan
You plan to fail

[Talking about the shooting in London] We stayed  5 min walk away from the  British Museum and Talk about divine intervention , we always wish and dreamed of going there one day
We planed our outfits ahead of time
Collaborated with our very own local designers Rich Mnisi and Nike ZA sponsored us also
We met our photographer at the museum his brilliant Alex Scailci

This shoot was everything to everyone that was watching us and our supporters 😀 😀 😀

Talk about Faith

 You have been a muse to several photographers and modeled for countless magazines, including Destiny Magazine and ID Magazine. Can you expand on your work in fashion and how styling and make up express your artistic vision?

I believe in evolving and becoming more within your purpose

I look up to Tim Walkers Work
That’s what I feel I haven’t done much , I’m hungry for more


“…I believe in evolving and becoming more within your purpose..”

Like other young African creatives, you are very active on social media. How does instant interaction influence your work?

It’s the new world
Social Media changed my life vision and educated me a lot , still does
Social Media is my 9/5
When I first started I was nervous
Then I started researching on people who inspire me like Katy Eary ,
And she posted mostly work stuff
Then I figured that I needed to create my life and make it more interesting
I’ve been fulfilled since then till now

Depending on who you follow
You are who you surround yourself with
It’s important to inspire through social  life
It’s a platform to become a greater you
I would love to reach a level were I get paid to post


“…I’m so sorry I’m A BiG Dreamer”

At 28, you have accomplished a lot: what are your plans for the future?

The plans is to be the best in the world
To be wealthy and healthy
To see DearRibane113 Production Agency grow ,
Create platforms for the youth
Create a home for the homeless
And Own a Furniture,Conceptual, Art Installation Store
Design Cars
Musically Collaborate with the world renowned Artist
Theatrical Performing Oprah Stage Set Design

I’m so sorry I’m A BiG Dreamer

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  1. tsokotla mothapo

    November 10, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    hello manthe! my name is tsokotla from khanya colloge. iam working in marketing and events.i saw that you are doing a great job.each an every year we hold a big event to invite the guests in order to speak to communities,children,university students and working class.since i saw your work i have interest for you to be our guest because the theme for next year is,we are empowering women.we need to see the work that the woman are doing in order to inspire others

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