Exploring Nigerian History through Digital Pop Art

Exploring Nigerian History through Digital Pop Art

Williams Chechet is a digital artist and graphic designer interested in how Africans across the globe understand and experience their own history and culture. Inspired by pop art, his project, We Are The North comprises of a series of artworks inspired by portraits of Northern Nigerians.

” I want to immortalize renowned Nigerians that helped build the nation through the use of pop art.”

wc-4wcwilliams-5williams-4“I observed that art from the northern part of Nigeria is not as popular as I would have expected. And it was very surprising to me, considering the almost countless sources of inspiration that I found in northern culture. It’s a series I created with the intention of showing the heritage of the northern people and immortalizing renowned Nigerians with pop art culture. I have always wanted to mix the indigenous and foreign art as a signature to my design and art.”

williams-chechetwc-3wc-2tafawa-balewasauti“The imagery I used in my series are images I consistently saw while growing up in the Northern part of Nigeria. So I thought, why not fuse that with pop culture?”

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  1. Machi

    April 12, 2017 at 4:33 am

    You consistently saw images of Masai men in Northern Nigeria????? Really? ? ?

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