Xangô / Sango, the lord of fire, lightning and justice

Xangô / Sango, the lord of fire, lightning and justice

Character Design and concept art by Mikael Quites

Xangô / Sango, one of the main orishas of the afro-brazilian and yoruba religions. I wanted to show him using more details that connected him to his origins, to Africa.

According to my research (mostly based on brazilian religions), he is a deity of justice, fire, ligthning and stone. From the stories I have read and worshipping methods, he was a prince and warrior, with a reckless temperament. Usually worshipped with the colors white, red and brown, he is also depicted in the religions shirtless and with dreads. I also wanted to show him with his thunder stone pouch and wood object that controls rain.

Based on all of it I tried to put some elements that showed fire and lighting and also justice and balance (such as the diamond shape in the body paint). The double-bitted axe, called oxé, was based on real designs of it that are used for worship, as well as yoruba wood sculptures.

I did this character for “Spirit Wars”, a comics series by Vortex Comics from Nigeria.

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