Mythical African Artwork by Paul Lewin

Mythical African Artwork by Paul Lewin

Paul Lewin is a Jamaican born artist who creates beautiful painted portraits.Lewin’s work is a celebration of mythical tales and characters from the Caribbean and African diaspora.

“Art has been apart of my life from as far back as I can remember. My father was my first artistic influence and from a very young age i would assist him in various creative projects. As with most members of my family he was also a storyteller. I loved listening to his stories of the old country in Jamaica while we worked. He also taught me a lot about ancient societies, science, and history. “

“My childhood home was filled with paintings, sculptures, and artifacts of many different cultures from around the world. These works ,along with my love of sci-fi and fantasy art inspired a lot of my early creativity. Eventually I began working on my own projects and started creating my own stories.”


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