Digital Artist Bria Corranda

Digital Artist Bria Corranda

Bria Corranda is a digital artist and illustrator, who was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Learning from and watching her mom draw; Bria has been drawing since she was a child. Not really getting serious about being an artist until high school; where she entered the world of painting and sculpting. Thinking of the best way she can be creative and use her artwork, in 2014 she started her art journey at Columbia College Chicago studying Animation. After taking a number of animation classes, Bria felt that animation was not for her.  As of 2018 she continues her education in Illustration. From the simple linear illustrations, to portraiture, she is focused on creating work that inspires her and others. Even though she mainly creates digital artwork, she is constantly learning and improving her skills traditionally; recently being interested in oil painting. 

Believing when you have found your passion, you have found your purpose. As an illustrator, as an artist, as a creative, she wants people to feel what she was feeling in a drawing.

“I want to create vibes, moods. If you choose my art or choose to work with me, I want it to be because my artwork speaks to you and you relate to the feeling. As a creative, being able to convey my thoughts and feelings in a painting or drawing; and then to have someone look and feel those same feelings and understand my thoughts, brings me the most joy.”  

Bria Corranda
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